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Archive of catalogs and leaflets


Below are the titles of our catalogues in English. The pdf files can be downloaded for free.

There you will find the majority of our portfolio. Individual products have been removed from the range. However, we can offer you comparable equipment from the LEYBOLD portfolio.

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 ELWE Technik - Leaflet 
= PDF download available (click to download)
  ELWE Technik - Training systems for vocational and advanced education

 1. Renewable Energy / Regenerative Energy 
= PDF download available (click to download)
  Photovoltaic System - PV1  
  Experimental Stand "Wind Generator"  
  Photovoltaic engineering  

 2. Principles of electrical engineering (max. 50 V AC) 
= PDF download available (click to download)
  Power supply unit SGU  
  Experimental Case on protective measures for safety  

 3. Control / Automotion Technology / Drive Technology 
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  amira - Systems for research and oractical laboratories for control engineering  
  winFACT 96  
  Mechatronic compact systems MCS  
  ASIMA - Advanced system simulator  
  Catalogue - Automotion, Electrical machines, Power Electronics  
  Catalogue - Power Engineering Training System - Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Consumption  
  Power Electronics / Drive technology  
  Training system for hydraulics with transparent components  

 4. Electrical Installation Systems 
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  Installation Engineering  
  Electrical Engineering, Installation Engineering, Control Technology  

 5. Electrical machines 
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  Electrical machines  
  Servo drive and brake system  

 6. Automotive Electrics / Electronics 
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  Automotive Technology  
  Tempomat - cruise controller  
  Automatic transmission  
  Vehicle Air Conditioning System  
  Electronic frequency converter  
  Automotive electrics - Automotive electronics  
  Multimedia learning programs  
  Bus Technology in vehicles  
  CAN-BUS multi  
  Engine Management System  
  Trainer for hydraulic vehicle brake systems  


ELWE Technik is a brand of the LD DIDACTIC Group